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Drug Defense Attorney in Manchester, NH

There are a lot of factors that determine the severity of the consequences you face if you are caught with illegal drugs in your possession. From the amount of drugs on your person to your proximity to the nearest school upon arrest, you may have to serve up to one year in jail and pay a hefty fine.

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested under possession charges, consult the Paul J. Garrity Law Offices as soon as possible. With a drug defense attorney from our Manchester, NH, firm, you can avoid life-altering consequences that might damage your future forever.

Do You Need an Attorney for Possession?

A guilty conviction can make it impossible to get a job, disqualify you for college financial aid, and much more. In order to prevent penalties like this, you must work with a legal professional that can help reduce charges and lessen sentencing.

Since its inception, our firm has specialized in the field of criminal defense. With an experienced attorney for possession charges on staff, we are able to ensure your case ends in the successful results you desire. This includes representing clients that are facing felony or misdemeanor charges for the following:

• Drug Sales
• Drug Cultivation
• Drug Paraphernalia
• Drug Possession

Drugs in Manchester, NH

Drug Defense Lawyer Seeking Alternative Sentences

Over the last 27 years, we have developed a reputation for helping clients receive non-incarceration alternative sentencing. When it comes to dealing with drug charges, our team will take the time to thoroughly understand your situation and educate you about legal options that will protect your future.

Our drug defense lawyer will work hard to ensure you receive punishment that is fair and just. Some of the consequences that you may be facing along with a possession offense include:

• Fines • Jail Time • Loss of License • Criminal Record

Speak Directly with our Drug Possession Lawyer for Free

To understand the possible outcomes of your case, consult the drug possession lawyer from our firm at your earliest convenience. Paul J. Garrity has spent his entire professional career providing superior representation for individuals in need. He founded our practice with the sole mission of protecting the rights and freedom of anyone in need. To this day attorney Garrity offers free consultations for potential clients that are interested in a thriving future unaffected by a criminal record.

To set up a consultation with our drug defense attorney, simply contact us today. We specialize in reducing sentencing and lessening charges. We serve inside and outside of the courtroom for Manchester, Derry, Londonderry, Nashua, Windham, Salem, Hudson, Auburn, Candia, and Chester, New Hampshire.