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Criminal Defense Attorney in Manchester, NH

Criminal charges  should never be taken lightly. When it comes to protecting yourself or a loved one against serious accusations that may have severe consequences, you should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In Manchester, NH, the Paul J. Garrity Law Offices have fought for the rights of hundreds of clients facing both felony and misdemeanor charges. With a solid reputation as a high-profile murder trial lawyer, our founding attorney Paul J. Garrity is known for forceful action on behalf of individuals in need.

Assault Defense Attorney in Manchester, NH

Many people facing assault charges think their only option is to plead guilty. The serious consequences that follow an assault conviction make this charge worth disputing. If you fear that you are facing unjust punishment based on an unfair charge, you need to find an assault defense attorney in Manchester, NH.

The Paul J. Garrity Law Offices specialize in criminal defense. Our skilled and knowledgeable sexual assault or aggravated assault lawyer can represent you in both state and federal courts, ensuring you receive the results you deserve.

Domestic Abuse in Manchester, NH

Reliable Sexual Assault Attorney

The key to successfully overcoming a serious situation in which you may be charged with a sexual crime is to get in touch with a qualified law firm as soon as possible. Don't wait to be charged with a sexual assault before getting the legal guidance you need.

With the help of a sexual assault attorney from our team, you can develop a plan that protects your rights and future. We will thoroughly investigate any situation to uncover all allegations and answers, and this includes situations involving:

• Touching • Grabbing • Sexting • Rape

Aggravated Assault Lawyer That Defends Your Rights

Attempting to cause serious bodily injury to another individual is considered aggravated assault. Depending on your situation, an assault charge can lead to life-altering consequences that will affect your future forever. Our aggravated assault lawyer specializes in seeking alternate sentencing that doesn't involve incarceration. If you don't want to face losing time, money, friends, family, or livelihood, look to a legal team with 27 years of professional experience.

Specialized Assault and Battery Attorney On-Staff

Assault is an attempt at battery, and battery is physical contact with another person against their consent. A district attorney is responsible for prosecuting you with assault and battery charges, meaning you need an experienced assault and battery attorney to defend your case. We are familiar with the penalties for these kinds of charges, and are able to provide you with superior representation and guidance both in and out of the courtroom.

Do you need to learn about your legal options when facing criminal charges? Contact us and set up a consultation with our assault defense attorney. Our office serves the areas of Manchester, Derry, Londonderry, Nashua, Windham, Salem, Hudson, Auburn, Candia, and Chester, New Hampshire.